Monday, January 12, 2015

A Room Of My Own

A happy 2015 to you. I hope you  had a great festive season.. that you enjoyed your time with family and friends and that you are now ready to tackle 2015.

I've had a good start to 2015. I took time to rest in December (actually, I was a sloth, doing absolutely nothing for days on end) and to plan for 2015.

As I sit in my home office right now, I feel very fortunate that I have a room of my own,  and not just in the literal sense. I've finally changed one of the bedrooms into a home office cum studio, where I expect to spend my days writing, reading, planning my garden, making stuff while also listening to my favourite radio station. 

The room overlooks the back garden, where marigolds are blooming and pumpkin and squash are vining all over the beds and it's a really nice place to look over. Now if only my brain would cooperate and I could actually get a creative word or two out onto a page.

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