Tuesday, January 10, 2017

When Rejection Doesn't Bite

Phokeng Health Care Centre
Today's main agenda was meeting with my nurse practitioner and having her give me the once over and meds for this month.

I was sitting on a small bench waiting for the nurse to come back from a meeting when a woman sat next to me.
"So is it cancer then?"she asked.
I was stunned. What a very personal question to ask a stranger! I've gotten used to the impact of the illness had on my appearance but I didn't realise that to other people I look so unwell. ( I know I look like I've been through a warzone and I've shaved my head, which I guess, made her think of cancer. ) 
"No. Not cancer. Lung infection,"I replied. She introduced herself and it turned out an acquaintance is her cousin.
"It's good I'll find you easily. I want to bring you some aromatherapy oils. They will really help; help you feel and look great,"she said.
Bench where I wait for nurse practitioner
I thanked her for her kindness and resumed my wait. I find it very interesting how chatty some people are at the healthcare centre. Last year when I went to consult with my doctor, I came to appreciate how unwell people were, yet they were still interested in their fellow man and tried to find ways to help.

The nurse practitioner was happy with my health status and gave me  my month's supply of meds and we set up the appointment for next month.

Writing News

Last night I received a rejection from my ideal international publisher. I sent them a query letter in the morning and according to their website, they would respond in 5-7 days. But they responded the same day. I must say I was impressed. Never mind that it was a rejection, and I understand that publishers are inundated with submissions, but responding the same day? That's impressive. Anyhoo, I want to develop a project that is ideal for them. I need to put my thinking cap on.....


amftyping said...

It seems to be a while since Ive read Storypot. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog.
Regards Ali

Damaria Senne said...

Hey Alison

Good to see you here. I'm glad that you enjoy Storypot. I got my mojo back, so hopefully I'll keep giving you reasons to come over.

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