Tuesday, February 28, 2017

What Do You Plan To Do This March?

I hadn't realised how much time was flying past until a friend of mine mentioned that my 2017 plans were happening at lightning speed, and I realised I have only been in Johannesburg for a month. So. Tomorrow I'm interviewing with a PR company in Sandton. I hope they like me. I really really hope that I'm the writer they have been looking for. Many thanks to the Bandile, who gave me the lead, and Claire, who passed my CV along. Having a network of contacts makes looking for work so much easier, because you don't come in as a stranger but as a referral from a trusted source. Now I have the opportunity to deliver the goods on the promises they made in my name.

I'm having to be very choosy about the work I'll take. Unfortunately, today that meant saying no to a potentially interesting government annual report project, because the scope of the work sounded like they were looking for a language editor, not a writer, and while I can do a language edit just fine, that's not the skill set that I can comfortably promote. I was bummed about it, because I've generally felt like work is work and I'm not very comfortable closing the door on an opportunity. But I want to spend my days writing about things that really fit my skills set and interests.

Thursday I'm travelling back to Phokeng and Friday I'll be with my docs who will give me another once over. I'll also collect my monthly batch of medication. Then I'm spending the weekend at home packing the house up. We have someone who will come in to house-sit for us, many thanks to her, because that is no small responsibility.

I think preparing for a move and deciding what to take and what to leave after a lifetime in a home is rough. The prudent side of me says to simplify and take only what I need. Chances are, I'm moving into a much smaller home and there is no way I could potetially house everything from home in my city home. And I don't want the clutter. But I'd hate to need something in my new home that I left behind because I didn't expect that I would have a use for it. My computers and notebooks are definitely coming along - even the dodgy PC I haven't used for months on end. I probably saved some writing notes and drafts in there that I will likely want in the future. Thankfully, the cloud has made most of my writings easily accessible everywhere, as long as I have a computer and access to the Internet.

So. My big plan for March is sort out the work situation and then make the big move. Looks like there will be exciting times ahead. What are your main plans for March?

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