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Don’t get mad, get pretty!

Christelle Du Toit, indepedent consultant and former SABC journo
When Christelle Du Toit contacted me to tell me about her idea to help empower women who are looking for work, I jumped at the opportunity.

I'm always happy to take part in initiatives that empower people to live more rewarding lives. Christelle can best explain the campaign in her post below. .................................................................................................
There are thousands, if not millions of women in our communities who struggle every day to survive. They don’t have money and are generally dependent on their partners to get money. If they do get money, it is spent on food, and nappies, and basic necessities – they are fighting for survival every day. They don’t have jobs, or much support, or much hope.

The conditions that lead to women being trapped in these circumstances are complex – is links to our country’s history, our socio economic situation, as well as the very base of gender discrimination that women face every day. I can’t fix all those problems, but to a woman in that situation I can say: Don’t get mad, get pretty!

Something like make-up might seem frivolous to some, but to a woman who is looking for a job, and by the very nature of situation doesn’t have anything, make-up can make a massive difference. It is, in fact, the difference between getting a job or not, because it can give her self-confidence, help her to hold her head just a bit higher, and help restore her dignity and humanity. A pretty necklace or nice handbag might seem like a luxury to some, but it can literally change a woman’s life – as well as the lives of everyone she is caring and providing for.

Most of the women reading this all have a bracelet in their cupboard that they never wear, but that is too nice to throw away – I know there is a woman out there who will love that bracelet and for whom it will mean the world. Those “buy 2 get 2 free” specials? They are amazing, but seriously, what are you going to do with three mascaras? There is definitely a woman out there who either doesn’t have mascara, or who has been trying to stretch hers as far as humanly possible! That make-up bag you got with the magazine you bought? You know you are never going to use it to it’s full potential, but there is a woman out there who will – especially if she actually has something to put in it!

The things we want and need as women are the things other women want and need, so the extra eye shadow you have that you never use will in fact be perfect for someone out there!

Don’t get mad, get pretty! Is a social upliftment campaign aimed at women like us, but who are falling through the cracks and just need a bit of help to feel fabulous again. We need all your extra “nice stuff”, and the sky is the limit, but herewith some ideas:

  • Make-up – all kinds, all colours, for all races, skin types and complexions, but preferably unused (due to hygiene considerations). Also useful make-up stuff, like eye pencil sharpeners, make-up bags, make-up remover, skin products, brushes/applicators/sponges, nail varnish and nail art.
  • Toiletries – soap/body wash, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, hair relaxer, face wash, face cream, roll-on/deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, bubble bath/bath salts.
  • Sanitary ware/female hygiene products – pads, tampons (all sizes), liners, wipes, toilet paper (2-ply would be great!), tissues.
  • Pretty things – jewellery, bags, scarves, belts, shoes, perfume, watches.
  • Practical things – nail varnish remover, cotton wool, sewing kits, ear buds, sun block, notebooks and pens, nail brushes, hair brushes and combs, hairbands and hairpins, razors, nail clippers and files, pumice stones, tweezers.
Email Christelle Du Toit to get the email address to send the goodie bags. Email address is

Don’t get mad, get pretty! Is in the process of being registered as an official NPO and in the interim existing NPOs will be used to distribute the goods received. Please do NOT send any monetary contributions.

About the founder of Don’t get mad, get pretty!

Christelle du Toit is an award-winning journalist and communications expert with more than a decade’s experience in the media industry.  She has worked for a number of national media houses, including the SABC and The Citizen, as well as for the Free State government, and the Royal Bafokeng Nation (RBN). She co-authored an ebook on How to get quoted in the Media with Damaria Senne Media and is currently working on a second ebook on job-hunting skills and strategies, called The job-hunt…IS ON!.

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Christelle du Toit


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