Monday, June 12, 2017

This Is A Good Time To Dream and To Plan My Spring Garden

I'm spending a lot of hours looking at our small patch of land and planning what to plant there.

The soil is lovely: dark and packed-full of nutrients. It is also well-mulched. We have also have a large boundary wall where I can plant trailing plants.

Today I spent the day going through our catches of seeds, trying to make a solid plan.

We have melon, amarath, pumkin, salad tomatoes, round tomatoes, quince, fennel, red bell peppers, gem squash, long red sweet pepper, brussell sprouts and garlic chives. I also plan to buy more seeds from the organic market nearby.

So now I'm going to go through to work out when it's time for one to plant these seeds in my climate.

My house-mate says she read somewhere that after drying the seeds, one can store them by putting them in the freezer. I'm don't know how that works, if it works, so I'll read up on it when I have time. I'm just used to harvesting what seeds I have, drying them and then replanting them when the time comes.

I'm not very keen to start putting seeds in the soil because we have not gone through the coldest night of the year yet, which means temperatures are likely to keep dropping and there will be frost, which would kill small vulnerable seedlings planted out of season. But this is a good time to plan and to dream.

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