Monday, May 11, 2015

A Writer's Worth To Your Business

May is Writers Worth Month and a lot of the online discussion  has been centred around writers understanding their own worth and running their businesses in a manner that reflects this appreciation.

However, I've also been thinking about the worth of a good writer to an organisation. One idea that keeps bouncing in my head is that a writer is not a typist. Put like that, I know it sounds very obvious, and yet, over and over, I have dealt with clients who attempt to use writers as just that.

Here are two benefits for letting your writer do their job:

A writer brings a wealth of experience to your business. Many writers have qualifications, skills  and their experience in their field of expertise. A writer's job also entails a lot of reading and interviewing people, some of whom are experts in their fields. This means that they have access to a wealth of teachers who ensure they understand their topics enough to be able to write about it. 

Some of this information may have a direct bearing on your industry and the stakeholders you want to communicate with.

It cost you nothing extra to let  your writer enhance your business with this information. However, if you treat your writer as a typist, you will never even know what you missed out on and how that information could have translated into effective communication that makes you more money.

A writer bring brings creativity and craftsmanship to your business. I've had clients who repeatedly told me that they are good writers and then proceed to tell me how I should do my job. Not just giving their brief for the job, which is essential for a writer to meet the client's needs, but telling me in detail how to execute this brief.

The issue is not whether the client is a good writer or not. You may be an excellent writer in general, but you are not "the writer"for this particular project, and forgetting that hobbles your writer, who is then stuck trying to do the job you would have done, instead of giving you his best.

I hope that the next  time you hire a writer, you consider what value the writer can add to your project. If you harness that, you will be pleasantly suprised by the richness that will enhance your final product.

Share with us: what value do you think writers bring to projects?

Friday, May 08, 2015

News From My Home Office

A big thank you to Lori Widmer over at Words on the Page for initiating the annual Writers' Worth Month. Lori's posts constantly remind me to ask more from myself and my business.

My take away from her post is, don't listen to people try to tell you your worth as a writer. You determine that. Sometimes they'll even tell you that the  economy is bad that we writers should  settle for what we can get.

She has also reinforced my view that that running a writing business is bloody hard work. LOL! Despite the challenges, I still love the job.

As for me, as I sit at my desk right now, I have that comfortable feeling I'm where I'm supposed to be, doing exactly what should be doing. It's a good feeling to have.
My homeoffice today. I love working in this space  
The past couple of months have been busy. In a good way.  Here are some highlights:

Did a lot of marketing and client work- because a girl has got to eat even as she embarks on a novel-writing career. 

Wrote a second draft of the Unnamed Romantic Story - to be published under my pen name. I'm happier with this version but it still needs work

Co-wrote a non-fiction ebook with my friend Christelle Du Toit - it's our second ebook, and to be honest, Christelle is the one driving the writing of this one. 

Sent out a novel mauscript to a number of people for critiquing - many thanks to all the people who invested their time to help me in making that novel shine. Much appreciated. I'm also planning to email you directly.. because I know you are busy and yet you took the time to help me out.  I'll make announcements about that novel when we're ready and the time is right. 

Helped a friend put in a new theme on her blog and to rearrange some things. It's a work-in-progress, but we're happy with how it it looks so far. 

Planted up my winter garden- because we grow most of our vegetables and herbs. I also enjoyed spending time in the kitchen and trying out some recipes.
Homemade pizza
Helped to set operational for a local community-based organisation in lieu of volunteering - It's amazing how giving to others can make you feel better about your own troubles.  Here is the Facebook page I set up for them. 

Organised and put together material for a workshop that's scheduled for 30 May.

It's getting better everyday. Now I just need to communicate more. This blog post is a step in that direction.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Small Does Not Mean Powerless & Other Lessons I Learnt As A Person & As a Writer This February

On Monday my Kitty reminded me small can be very deadly 

I'm a flawed human being. No, no, no, don't laugh! I know that's not news. It's's always interesting when I see myself through someone else's eyes.

Sometimes it's scary because they see this glowing, fabulous person on a day when I'd swear I look like Gollum.

Other days, I'm Sauron to them and have to remind myself that while not perfect, I'm not that evil or complex.

Then there are days, rare days, when someone sees me very clearly and they don't like what they see,  and they gently suggest that I change.

Those times, I can see they have a valid point, respect that are urging me towards "socially" acceptable behaviour and either put in some work because their suggestion fits in who I am/want to be, or thank them kindly for their suggestion and just move on with my life because what they suggest does not fit in who I am.

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