Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Small Does Not Mean Powerless & Other Lessons I Learnt As A Person & As a Writer This February

On Monday my Kitty reminded me small can be very deadly 

I'm a flawed human being. No, no, no, don't laugh! I know that's not news. It's's always interesting when I see myself through someone else's eyes.

Sometimes it's scary because they see this glowing, fabulous person on a day when I'd swear I look like Gollum.

Other days, I'm Sauron to them and have to remind myself that while not perfect, I'm not that evil or complex.

Then there are days, rare days, when someone sees me very clearly and they don't like what they see,  and they gently suggest that I change.

Those times, I can see they have a valid point, respect that are urging me towards "socially" acceptable behaviour and either put in some work because their suggestion fits in who I am/want to be, or thank them kindly for their suggestion and just move on with my life because what they suggest does not fit in who I am.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Dreams, Priorities and Money

Brainstorming on my chalkboard wall
One of the scariest aspects of my decision to focus on fiction for 2015 and to take on less client work is where the money for paying bills is going to come from.

On the surface, I have a good framework set up to achieve this goal - a stable home with enough room for a home office, a freezer full of  a variety of vegetables from my summer garden, an Autumn garden just starting out and Internet access to research and write my stories. I even have a little bit of cash for bills and some luxuries. All I need to do is to knuckle down and write, edit, polish and submit my stories, then rinse and repeat.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Minutiae Of A Writing Life In Phokeng

I wish I had a good quality camera to capture the charm of this room
The words came today. Lots and lots of words. It wasn't the story that I had been working on, that I wanted to write.

It wasn't part of a client project either. Still, when the words are begging me to write them, I'm not going to argue :)

There is a lot stuff happening in my home office- there's a PC, a laptop, printer, notebooks and pads and pens to write with, a fan to combat the extreme heat and various hand creams to make me comfortable, speakers for when I play music or my favourite radio station, books, seeds, my sun hat... The green kist is packed full of fabrics that I also plan to use for me or the house. It has also been known to serve as a visitor chair:)