Saturday, May 09, 2009

Breast Cancer Hike; Happy Mother's Day

I've posted three poems on my Africans Tales blog, which I have neglected hideously in the past 18 months. My sister wrote two of the poems, and I know I'm biased because I love her, but I think she's the better poet than me.

Check out her work.

Also check out the OneLove blog post, "Having many sexual partners is not liberation" and then share your views on "retaliation affairs" by leaving a comment.

Breast Cancer Hike

This morning I went on a Breast Cancer hike with a group which included two women I went to university with.

We hiked through Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve, which is within an hours drive of Johannesburg and lies close to the town of Heidelberg.

The main feature of the reserve is the Suikerbosrand Mountain Range that forms the backbone of the reserve and varies in height between 1,545m and 1,917m above sea level.

The 10km hike was in support of Sue Dinner, a friend of a friend who is a cancer survivor and has organised a hike to promote cancer awareness in Los Angeles today.

Before Baby, I was quite an avid hiker, and had done a number of destinations including Suikerbosrand and Drakensberg. Yup, moi actually managed to climb Mount Aux Sources, the highest peak in the Drakensberg range.

Then Baby came and I sort of made excuses for myself, saying that I was too busy to go hiking regularly and finding child care was a schlepp etc.

Today I had difficulty climbing the steep end of the trail. My legs and lungs were fine - I walk quite a lot in my neighbourhood. But my waist/core was a mess, especially when we did the steep inclines.

I definitely need to strengthen it, because I'm going back (to Suikerbosrand) and next time I'm taking Baby to do the 4.5 km route. We'll stroll through it so she's not stressed, but I hope she'll love the scenery and the quiet.

Happy Mother's Day!!

Meanwhile, our plans to celebrate Mother's Day are sort of loose. We'll spend the day together, and do what feels fun and natural.

Baby has already given me my Mother's Day gifts so whatever happens tomorrow is just extra.

She has good taste, doesn't she? I love the silver necklace with the blue pendant.

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Ms Lona-Lee Hart said...

Ms Lona loves the necklace and again my apologies for missing the hike. Given the huffing and puffing produced by walking Puppy and Geriatric Canine today, maybe a bit of training is in order before Ms Lona attempts Suikerbosrand! Glad that you enjoyed Mother's Day. You deserve to be spoiled!

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