Monday, July 13, 2009

Join Me For A Blog Party

Working in my home office is very different from working in the living room of my house. I didn't realise how much noise I automatically ignored while I was working in the house, until I moved into this very quiet space, where the only noise is the tip-tap of my keyboard, the laptop's fan ( yup, suddenly I hear it!) and the occassional music when I choose to play it.

This is sooo nice!

The only fly in the ointment is that my ADSL is not working well. Somehow I'm not getting the Internet connection ( even in the house), though the phone works.

I have reset the modem, turned everything off and then on again, in vain. So I'm using my 3G/HSDPA modem, but I really prefer ADSL, as I periodically upload videos and other materials online.

Time to bite the bullet and call Telkom. Despite massive criticism levelled at the company by a lot of people in the IT sector, I've found their tech support to be very good.

The problem is that, sometimes it takes a while to get one on the phone and I hate waiting. So I like to do trouble-shoot for myself, and only call them when I don't have a choice.

Invitation to a blog party

I'd like to invite you to join me for a blog party on the OneLove web site. Essentially, I'm asking people to blog about sex, relationships, cheating and its impact on their own blogs. I will link their blog posts to the front page of the OneLove web site.

Read here for more details about the blog party. The post also includes a handbook for journalists, which includes story ideas.

Please also encourage bloggers in your communities to blog about the issue. This will encourage more dialogue about love and relationships in the time of HIV and AIDS.


Laura said...

Is there a date for this? Or can we do it anytime?

Damaria Senne said...

thanks Laura. Any day, any time this week. Ideally, I'd like to post the links on Friday.

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