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Can Women Be Writers, By Rebecca Emrich

One of the things I like about Rebecca Emrich's blog, Living The Life Of Writing, is that she makes you think very hard about issues related to the writing life.

The two article series that really made me keep going back to her site were the one on money(how important is money to you as a writer? If you're not making money from your writing, can you still consider yourself a writer?) and on self-publishing ( would you consider self-publishing as an option? Why/not? And what are the issues you need to consider if you go the self-publishing route?).

Anyway, I was thrilled when she agreed to host me as a guest blogger last week, and agreed to also be a guest on my blog.

Welcome Rebecca!
Can Women Be Writers?
By Rebecca Emrich

This is a question that I ask myself everyday when I wake up. This is not a negative question ask. In fact, it is a good question to ask oneself. I increases the reason and focus one has as a writer.

Given that I am both a woman and a writer I can say that yes, women can be writers.
It all has to do with two important aspects in life: priorities, and values. When I first came across this seemingly paradoxical view, it took me a while to think of them as one. To suggest that there are different people who are writers is an understatement. To elaborate, I’ll try to give some examples:


I am a mother first and foremost. To suggest otherwise is a grave disservice to my work as a mother of two growing and active daughters. I teach them through my own actions and I learn from them as well. I am the first line of teacher and of the world. I shape them good or bad, negative and positive. This is an important priority and take precedence about all else.

I am writer next. It is not a job for me, and although I do make money, this doesn’t stop me from doing what I love. My writing is my passion, and I strongly believe that all people should follow their passion whatever it may be. Of course, if you are a writer, this is great as there is a large and wonderful community found easily through the internet.

I am a Woman and a Friend, after these two priorities. I am not listing these last to suggest that I don’t believe that they have a high priority in my life, but it is more than the other two, given a choice will always come first. I am strong and caring, and I care about myself. If I don’t the two other priorities above will lose out, as I will have nothing to give to them. I need as much recharging as the next women out there. My friends are as wonderful and attentive as I am.

They are one of the ways I can continue writing and being a mother. I suspect some people will feel my next comment a bit off colour but I have many acquaintances but few friends. This isn’t to suggest something horrible, but rather my friends are the ones who I trust who go the extra mile, who while critical will always find a redeeming quality between the two of you.

My next point that will link the two Are Values:

I value most above all three things: Honesty, Integrity, and Loyalty. At first glance, the three may seem to be the same thing, simply different words, yet they are not.

Honesty to me is the value that no matter what someone can say to me what they feel and how they think. I may not agree with them, but they are acting on a higher calling. As women and as writers we need honesty to work and to improve. This doesn’t mean in any way that we should be abused or demeaned. What this means is that what we work with is to improve to refine, and to produce greatness. Writers are no different. The world over we want and we need to hear that our honest is something that we can all value.

Integrity is to me the hallmark of a true person. You can be honest to a person, and yet your underlying motive is something completely different. You might say one thing For example: I think that you as a woman are wonderful.” Yet, at the same time, your action do not correspond with your statement. As writers and as women we have a duty to ourselves and others to let our words and actions coincide. It is a conscious effort on everyone’s part, and something that we should all strive for.

Loyalty is the third ingredient to our work as writers, if we are writing fiction or non-fiction we must be loyal to ourselves and our work. This means that we work until our best is in fact our best. We need to be loyal to the people who help us along and in turn give help to others. As women writers, it is imperative that we work in harmony to produce our work. A writer might be a solitary person, but the process to write takes many. We need to understand the value in this loyalty.

Can Women Write?

The most basic answer is yes. We can all write, it is not that complex, although there are many days when it might seem that way.

The more complex answer is both a yes and no, some are writers, and they work towards those goals others are mothers, daughters, writers, scientists and about anything that one can name. They can of course all be writers, but it is a choice that we make. Although writing isn’t easy, it is a powerful medium and a way to communicate with each other.

My Question for you today is this: As writers and more specifically as women who write what is the greatest thing about being a writer?


Rebecca Emrich grew up in the city of Vancouver BC, in Canada. She has been writing for the past fifteen years, and has her own blog: She also reviews books and does author interviews and Questions and Answers on her blog:

Currently she is completing her first non-fiction book on World War Two, and the Eastern Front, using interviews form soldiers. She also writes fiction, and will begin her series entitled “The Lost Timers” shortly.


Rebecca A Emrich said...

thanks for such a wonderful introduction. I'm pleased to be on your awesome blog.

BeckyJoie said...

I loved this post. I don't have a favorite part about being a woman writer. I love it all-even the strange looks when I tell people I am a WAHM writer who homeschools my kids. That really confuses some.

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