Thursday, September 03, 2009

About Hags, Community Make-Overs & Anna Karenina

Today I’m feeling a bit off. Not sick, or anything, but my brain sort of scattered and not doing what it’s supposed to. And it takes me a bit longer to figure out things that should have been obvious.

So the post will be a random list of stuff:

Internet is slow. Very frustrating, especially as I'm working off an online project management programme for one client and I have to download documents I need to get the job done.

Feel like a hag and blogged about it at Female2Female: What Makes You Feel Sexy and Feminine?

But excited about the online launch of Kwanda. Had 124 Facebook fans and about 41 members on the Kwanda social network at the time of writing this post. And it's a 13-part series, and should pick up momentum as more people hear about it.

Many thanks for all the people who signed on, or told their friends about the TV show, let me guest-blog about it. Much appreciated. And my apologies to the people still waiting for the guest-blogs. I know what I want to say in general, but as I said, my brain is completely fried:-)

Have guest blogger Nana Darkoa, she who blogs at Adventures from the bedrooms of African women on the OneLove Regional web site talking about 12 Things Women Can Do To Have Mind-Blowing Sex.

Been thinking about Anna Karenina (above image) lately. Haven't read the book in years, and I think I'd like to again.

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