Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Promised Report From Sanlam South Africa Fashion Week

Last week I said that I was going to attend Sanlam South Africa Fashion Week for the first time, and promised to give some kind of report afterwards.

Of course the whole adventure didn't start well, considering how uneasy I felt about it. First of all, the place was practically empty when I arrived around 9am in the morning.

I'm used to events that start around 08h30 or 09h00; and it turns out people at Fashion Week don't even start arriving until 11 mid-day. So I shopped at Exclusive Books in Sandton and had some tea at Mugg & Bean to kill some time.

That said, going to the event was worth it, not just profesionally, but also personally. Saw some really nice street wear collections.

Here are some photos of Kwanda Brand Klothing at the event.

P.S. Pics include clothing items and accessories, the design team and some stall shots. Nope, I was not the photographer. And please email me for permission to use the images, as they belong to Soul City.

Find more photos like this on Kwanda

The Kwanda Brand Klothing design team ( first pic above) was very nice and helpful and very interesting to interview, BTW. Not fluffy at all.

This week I'm publishing a series of interviews with each team member on the Kwanda web site. The first 'victim' was Molefi Mohapi.

He says:

"Fashion should reflect our lives. As fashion designers, we are individuals and the things we design should be original and reflect our own sense style, taste, history and experiences. I also think that designers should not be one-trick ponies, with only one style done in different ways."

Read the full article if you have 5 minutes.

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