Friday, September 04, 2009

Okay, I Knew I Was Moody

But not to this extent. So yesterday was a difficult day, as mentioned in my previous post. In addition to my brain simply refusing to function, I was sort edgy. Wanting to jump out of own skin. And I was not in the mood to cook, which usually relaxes me.

Decided to go to bed early, and today I'm my normal, cheerful self. And wondering " what was that about?"

Anyhoo, being in a bad mood last night, I decided to do a quick, easy meal. I'd bought Tastic Simply Delicous Ready To Eat Rice for Baby some time back. We very rarely eat packaged foods, because of my condition, but I don't want her to feel imprisoned by my dietary requirements. And the advert made it look so interesting!

I should have known.

According to Baby, it's not too bad, if you don't mind the after taste. However, she wouldn't eat more than a spoonful, even though she proclaimed herself very hungry. So I still had to cook normal Tastic rice, which we love, and fresh vegetables.

Ho hum!

And on the work front:

* 408 readers on the OneLove regional campaign web site have taken a poll to tell us what love means to them. Have you taken the poll? If not, please toddle over there to take it. It's not a long poll and the votes are evenly distributed, so more votes will hopefully make one or two choices stand out more clearly.

* A number of people phoned Soul City to ask how they can take Kwanda to their communities. Here's an article that can help.

Enjoy your weekend.


Tamara said...

Moodiness is part of being a woman, methinks.

Precooked / packaged rice feaks me out a bit. Not sure why.

Laura said...

As much as I love being a women - those unpredictable moods drive me MENTAL!

SO cool about the Kwanda interest :) SO glad!

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