Monday, October 26, 2009

I Wish Time Would Slow Down

I'm feeling a tad stressed by the idea that Christmas is very near. My work schedule is not slowing down, and everytime someone says something like "eight weeks before Christmas," I wonder how I'm going to get it all done before the year ends.

Last year I didn't take a Christmas/new year break, because I was busy setting up the OneLove web site, and it was due to launch on the 14th January. This year I plan to make sure that it does not happen again and I get a real break.

But, I still have some big milestones to meet ( approx. 2 new sites to set up and one electronic newsletter to launch) and little time to complete the tasks. So my general sentiment towards Christmas is more "meh!" than "merry!"

I wish time would slow down and the festive season wouldn't get here yet:-)

OneLove News

Meanwhile, Pakachere and its partners in Malawi are launching the OneLove campaign in that country, so this week will be hectic as I do quite a bit of online promotion for that campaign. I'm happy about that though, because new events and developments on a campaign always provide fresh content I can publish.

And the creative writing is going slow....

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Trish Donmall said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one thinging that Christmas has made it's anoucement a bit of a concern. I'm also hoping that work will slow down just a tad in the run up to Christmas, but right now there doesn't appear to be any sign of it doing so.

Hope you manage to get your break in this year! :-)

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