Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Role Models In Our Lives

Had a wonderful weekend connecting with friends and family. My sister and brother-in-law came up from Durban, and I spent hours cuddling my 4-month old nephew Matthew Kabelo. He's such an adorable little man. He's very quiet though, but has this beautiful smile I want to see over and over...

Baby and I spent Sunday at at her paternal grandmother's. Everytime I see Eileen, I'm reminded of why I love and respect her so much. In many ways, we are kindred spirits. And she's the homemaker I want to be.

While her house beautifully maintained and decorated, with excellent quality pieces she somehow manages to get at bargain prices, it i first and foremost, a home, where family meets, prepares big lunches and dinners and just hang out.

I have good memories of Christmas mornings of exchanging presents, tempting smells wafting from the kitchen and being able to just be, watching my own mother take a nap after a meal while the chaos of life goes on around us.

Eileen sews like a dream - she made my sister's wedding dress and all the dresses for the bridemaids (see image of the bridal party she dressed below).
She has this incredible garden that she seems to maintain effortlessly. And she does this while also maintaining an extremely high-pressure job and running a clothing design/sewing business on the side.

She's been teaching me quite a bit about food alternatives I can use to replace wheat and dairy products, and adapted some recipes to make my meals interesting.
This Sunday she gave me pack of potato and rice pastas to try out, and lent me a couple of cookbooks, including Cultivating Flavour - Kitchen Gardening For Kindred Spirits, by Toni B. Walters (image above).

Question: There are many people in our lives who live in such a way that they make us want to do better, be better. Name one or two of these people in your life and how/why you admire them.


po said...

I love the way each bridesmaid has a different colour dress with a partner to match! Really stunning.

Your question is one I am pondering. I need to think about that a bit. I definitely want to be better for my partner, he is a good and kind person so he inspires me to try and be like that too. Also I am very lazy and he is not so I try to be less lazy round him.

Tamara said...

I love those dresses - simple and elegant. I also love the sound of that book!

My role models... I'd have to say my parents (their marriage is a real inspiration to me) and one of my close friends from highschool - Sarah. I don't see her often (she lives in Dbn), but any interaction with her leaves me laughing and seeing the good side of life. I want to grow that spirit of joy in me and be a Sarah to other people.

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