Monday, October 19, 2009

Writing Through Interruptions

Had a very erratic morning, where I couldn't seem to get enough quiet in my home. It's Baby's mid-term break from school, so she interrupted me quite a bit. But that was normal, and expected. Then there was:
  • An old acquitance I haven't seen in years. She lives in the same surburb; was driving past my house, remembered I work from home and decided to pop in. I wish she'd called first, but once she explained what has been happening in her life (husband terminally ill and won't last the year), I couldn't give her the bum's rush.
  • The once a week gardener. He's invaluable in doing the hard jobs, so I can trully enjoy gardening. But I wish he was a planner and didn't ask for every item he needs one by one...
  • Numerous phone calls from a friend - I only took the first call, explained I was busy, and she still left messages. And it was not an urgent matter. At least, not to me!
  • Phone call from another friend - I did ask her to excuse me..
  • Baby - "I'm hungry! What's for lunch?" So I had to prepare a decent meal.
  • Building contractor - to do some measurements and quote me for a job. Why didn't he come on Saturday as previously agreed?
And all before 13h00! How is a writer supposed to do her job with so many people pulling her attention away from the page?

Question: How do you handle interruptions from family and friends while you write/blog?


Natacha said...

I can't comment on the writing part. When I am busy with a shoot, I do not take any calls nothing. I don't even answer the door.

Damaria Senne said...

I wish I woudln't have to answer tehe door either:-)

Laura said...

At the moment I blog alot at work - lol - there are still interruptions but not so many.

But alot of my PC time is done when the kids are asleep so generally there arent many interruptions!

(Ask me how I study without interruptions - THATS a whole blog post)

Damaria Senne said...

@Laura - how do you study without interruptions? ROFL. Seriously though, that must be hard becaue your mind really needs to be ficussed on what you're reading to absorb it and interruptions must mmay you lose your train of thought?

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