Monday, November 09, 2009

Good Wishes For A Very Good Friend

One of my closest friends, Lynn, turns 61 today. So on Saturday morning I took her out to breakfast to celebrate this great milestone. As always, we had a lovely time.

Lynn and I have been close friends for almost 20 years now. And the wonderful thing about her is that she is a doer, not talker. For example, back in the days when I was unemployed and didn't have a freelance writing busines, Lynn didn't talk at me about how to look for jobs. She didn't give me empty platitudes disguised as words of encouragement.

Without my ever asking, she looked for jobs, part-time or fulltime, that looked remotely like something I could do and sent me adverts. She sent my CV to her friends and colleagues and asked them to help me look for work.

She found writing gigs for to help pay the bills. And she made all this seem so normal that she did not hurt my pride or make me feel like I should be grateful for her help. To her, this was what a friend does when the other is in need. Many thanks, Lynn, for being you and blessing me with your friendship.


po said...

That is a true friend! So rare. You are truly lucky.

Tamara said...

Snaps for Lynn ;-) It's awesome to have a special friend like that.

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