Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Planning For New Projects

Baby is doing very well, but her schedule is rather hectic. She has always loved swimming, and was doing it recreationally here in JHB for years. Her new school offers swimming practice every weekday morning at 6h00, and she has decided to join them. So starting today, she leaves the house at 5h30, so she's at the pool in time for the one hour practice session. Waking up early is not a problem for her; she's a morning person.

Spent most of the morning preparing a proposal for a web site for a government department. The good news is that, there is so much that is wrong with that site that it's easy for me to motivate why they need something new and different. Also, it is potentially a long-term project ( updating the site). But it is a government, so it's probably going to be a long while before I see money from the project. The new financial year starts in April.

Also finalised the synopsis of the romantic novel a publisher requested last year. I'm going to give it a final read through and then send it through. It's way late and it's about blooming time I got off my butt:-)

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