Friday, March 05, 2010

How To Write: Tips From Lauren Beukes

In the fith installment of Read SA's "How To Write" series, we bring you writing tips by Lauren Beukes.

Lauren Beukes is one of the hottest tickets in SA Lit. Her first novel, Moxyland, published by Jacana, has blazed a trail in speculative fiction circles around the world, and has been picked up in the UK by the new Angry Robot imprint – which is also bringing out her second novel, Zoo City, later this year. Beukes is also the author of Maverick, a non-fiction work showcasing the more interesting women characters from South Africa’s past.

Here are Lauren Beukes’ tips

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po said...

I loved Moxyland. It was just so cool. I get the feeling Lauren must be supercool. I could never write a cool book :)

Damaria Senne said...

let's die trying:-)

po said...

I love tha attitude!

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