Thursday, March 04, 2010

Some Days I'm Dumb

And then there are days when I really feel smart! Finally managed to do decent pie charts for one of my reports. Usually I ask my sister or a friend of mine to help me with Excel spreadsheets, because it's easier. But I decided to grow up and do it myself, and it was not so hard/stressful. A little bit of independence gained, and a 12-month report finished much earlier because of it. Nice!

Running a poll on the OneLove web site to try to find out where and how people are finding the site. Please cast your vote if you have a minute. And that's it for today, because I'm still on a marathon writing session.

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Anonymous said...

So weird. I know this feeling completely. I've been having a semi everything week. Everything is kinda funny and floating on a cloud but it's solid thoughts. Which is ultra-weird too.

Sorry I don't comment on your writing tips posts- I do read them though. They're really cool. :D

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