Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Chugging Along

Baby was released from hospital late yesterday. She's in good spirits, even if she can't move much ( she has crutches).

Been a social butterfly lately, having coffee/dinner with friends I neglected for a long time. I'm enjoying it, and good for me. Feeds the soul.

Work is chugging along, but remains uninspired.

Will announce the development of two new sites in the near future. One capitalises on my previous experience as a telecommunications journalist ( yup, looks like I'm going to go back to doing a bit of journalism in the near future) and the other site is on a fun, fluffy subject I didn't even know interested me.

Anyoo, don't miss Love- Stories in a time of HIV & AIDS on SABC1 tonight at 20h30. And if you have a minute, please join my discussion on Facebook, where I talk about women's choices when it comes to monogamous and polygamous relationships.


po said...

Ouch! You going to write anything on her cast?

Tamara said...

Glad Baby's out of hospital and that you're enjoying your social life. Sounds like you have lots on the go!

Damaria Senne said...

@po - would love to, but can't cos she livesover 600km from me.

@tamara - thanks.

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