Monday, June 21, 2010

Handbag Project Update & Baby Leaves

Just to let you know that they handbags, clothing, toys, toiletry and perfumes that you donated for The Handbag Project are now on the way to Durban, as promised. Many thanks to all of you who either donated something, or blogged about the initiative.

Special thanks to Laura at HarassedMom, who did both, and made time to come over Pretoria to deliver a lot of stuff at my house. Yes I know you had other business in Johannesburg, but still...All I can say is, you rock!

The past week was busy, as Baby and I hung out with people she's known and loved for the past 12 years, whom she no longer sees regularly.

It was lovely, except for the Justin Bieber torture devise, but now that Baby has left, there's a part of me that misses her, and another part that sighs with relief because now I'll have time to catch with writing and enjoy some quiet time and catch up with some writing.....

I think sleep is going to a nice little luxury for a while, because I have a huge load of contracted work to get off my desk.

Enjoy the rest of the week.

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tiah said...

More than halved - that is brilliant news. I know a doctor friend of mine has a much more positive outlook on things than he did six years ago.

Enjoy your quiet time.

Laura said...

It was a pleasure :) Glad I could find a good home for all the stuff!!

po said...

Hehe I bet eventually you will start loving Justin :)

Hmm, I like your Read SA questions very much. I think the reader owes the writer nothing at all unfortunately, once it is out of the writer's hands I guess the reader owes the writer money and that's about it!

But I think the writer owes the reader the right to read a decently edited and crafted book. I have read two very badly edited an put together books recently and I feel betrayed that I paid money for them. But that is the editor and publisher's fault too. Although one of the books was self published, so in that case I feel like the writer failed me.

SandyVee said...

Hi Damaria

Sorry to hear that Baby has left again. I love having people around but it is always nice to get back into the normal working routine again afterwards :-)

I have volunteered to knit little dolls (very simple one piece dolls) which go into care packs for the little children who have been raped. Was wondering how I go about asking if anyone else wants to knit some (and mail them to me) so I can forward to the relative person.

It is very sad but they need about 150 dolls a month (sick society we live in) and it brings so much joy to the child, many of whom have never had a little doll.

If you know of anyone who is willing to help, please contact me privately and I will let you have the pattern and details.

Thanks so much


Damaria Senne said...

@po-Another version of Stockholm Syndrome?
@ Sandra - Long time no see. thanks for coming by. I can knit, but no well enough to make anything recognisable:-) And I'm not sure I know anyone who knits. But I'm not averse to publishing a blog post about it, putting the request out there in the blogosphere. Maybe there are people/bloggers I know who can help?
Anyhoo, please send me a guest post explaining the cause, the organisation. include a photo or two of the finished product if you have one ( or can take one with your cellphone). I'll post the post here, on Kwanda, my Facebook groups, the Kensington FB group, maybe even my new client's Facebook group called Shukumisa.
I'll also email to my craft friends; maybe they know people?

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