Wednesday, June 02, 2010

An Old Friend Comes To Stay. For A While.

The interesting news is that I'm going to have a housemate, starting this coming weekend. She's an old friend I've known for almost 20 years. She has lived in Joburg for years, and she's staying with me while she sorts out some things and then starts house-hunting. I think her stay will be good for me - she's someone I know, so it's not a big stressful change and she'll be company when I want some. She's definitely going to make me wake up much earlier: she's a director for a national TV news programme, and starts work at 03h30.

Anyhoo, I'm going to try to synchronise my routine with hers, and get out of bed when she leaves.

Ideally, I'll be able to start work around 4.30, write until 10h30, and then do admin, reports, meetings, social media posts and publishing, finding news clients etc until 13h00.

To push myself even further, I'm also encouraging another friend, who also works from home, to come over to work from my house at least once a week. She can bring her laptop, which has 3G, and we'll keep each other company while we work.

The reason I'm doing the above things is that I need a temporary boost. My daily routine is becoming a mess ( I either work too long hours without accomplishing as much as I should or I start work later than I like) and the winter weather is not helping with my depression issues. Hopefully, being around people for a limited time will help.

Had a long brainstorming session with a client yesterday. Have a better idea of what they want for their site, and they're going to start sending me materials to read so I can start developing the content.

If you haven't take the poll on OneLove, please do so. You can also join a discussion, where we talk about what makes a safe relationship.

P.S. Baby going to see the doctor this afternoon to check on her cast. It's been a month, and she's due to remove it in 2 weeks, if everything works out. I hope the doc is satisfied.....


po said...

Woah I don't think I could handle waking up that early even if I had the best coffee in the world? Do you think you will be able to be productive at that time? I guess you get into a routine. Personally I think I would be a slug at that time.

Damaria Senne said...

My body is usually not thrilled about waking up at that time, but when I worked as a journalist, I used to wake up very early and drive 30km to Rivonia to start work at 6.30am. It was my choice - to avoid traffic, and my deadline to submit a story was 11am, so i was pretty much used to the early morning routine.

And I used to wake up at 4am ( December - May 2009). It was one of those new year decision things. But winter and laziness derailed me:-)

The thing I liked about waking up early is that I felt so good after writing non-stop for hours before the real working day even began. It really was a motivating factor for me. And it helped make the rest of the day more flexible.

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