Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Guest Post: Knit A Doll For Charity

Hi my name is Sandra van Statten. Damaria is not available to blog today, and she has asked me to bring a wonderful cause to your attention.

I recently volunteered to knit some simple little dolls for an amazing organisation called Together to Grow Ministries. They include a little doll in each of the care packs they put together, which are then distributed to child rape victims at Karl Bremer Rape Unit in Cape Town.

It is a very sad state of affairs that they currently need approximately 150 dolls a month for this one hospital!

The dolls are very simple to knit and take no time at all and can easily be knitted with some scraps of wool that many knitters have lying around. The only special request is that the "hair" of the dolls is knitted with a fluffy / funky fur wool.

The reason for this is that these traumatised children are all greatly soothed or comforted by the soft feeling of the wool. The people who work with the children have reported that although they all are so very grateful for any of the dolls (and for many of the children this is the only doll they have) the fluffy haired dolls are the ones they love the best.

Unfortunately due to the current economic environment, Together to Grow Ministries is running out of money.

I have therefore decided to ask for either donations of wool so that volunteers can continue to knit the dolls, or alternatively if anyone would like to help by knitting a few dolls and mailing them to me, I would pass it all on to them. The pattern will be emailed to one who would like to help. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

My contact details are:
Tel: 082 9278171

The contact details of Together to Grow Ministries are:
Telephone: 082 8781874
Contact: Venice Maurer

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