Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm still in hibernation ( mostly), focussing on content writing and conceptualisation work for current projects, so please excuse the long silence on the blog.

The Shukumisa web site is coming along nicely. So now I'm mostly uploading content and making sure that the pages are ready to go live. I'll put the link here soon, so you have the chance to check out the site and make your own comments.

Meanwhile, on the Shukumisa Facebook page, we're currently talking about what happens to people who support victims and how we can create an enabling enviroment for them.

The topic arose out of a post by Victim Empowerment In South Africa.

remains my daily staple, as it has to be updated everyday ( unlike some of my sites that only need updating weekly). I haven't been publishing as much content as usual ( I generally put up 3 new articles daily), but I'm publishing daily at least.

Today on OneLove we're talking about why many couples choose to stop using condoms when they feel that the relationship is stable, and we're asking if this is a wise move, especially for couples who know that their partner is not faithful ( maybe he's married to someone else).

I'm still going to be rather quiet in the coming weeks, focussing mostly on the writing process. But I'll try to make sure to publish some news from home on a regular basis. I know that for some of you, this is the best way to keep track of me.. because if I'm writing and publishing, it means I'm not dead:-)

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tiah said...

I noticed you've been rather quiet lately - miss you! But I understand needing to get the good job done. As another writer tells me, "May your pen always have ink!"

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