Monday, July 05, 2010

A Streak Of Good Fortune

My new housemate has finally moved in. As I mentioned, in addition to providing some company, one of my potential advantages of sharing my house with her is that I can try to adapt my schedule to hers.

She works in TV and leaves the house at 3am. So far, I haven't been able to wake up when she leaves though. I've simply become aware of her activities and then gone back to sleep. But I am determined to wake up earlier though ... I used to be happier and more productive back in the days when I woke up at 4am. The day was so much less stressful.

More good news is that, for the first time ever, I actually won something. I entered a competition run by one of my favourite authors on her blog, and to my suprise, I won a copy of her latest novel/ebook. The best part was that she emailed it immediately. That made the weekend even nicer.

Other than that very welcome streak of good fortune, life has been very normal this side. I'm writimg as much as I can ( Still feel like the words are not comng fast enough) and updating sites.

On OneLove, we're talking about why people pay for sex.

I've also published a number of interesting articles on the Shukumisa Facebook page. An interesting issue for me, as an online writer, is the obligation that online publishers have to respect the laws of other countries ( outside of where they live).

I raise this issue because recently, an online publisher disclosed the name of a rape suspect in an article. As the publication is online, basically every South African who has Internet access and comes across the article can find out the details of this rape accused, and republish the article online, giving this accused a reputation as a rapist long before the courts find him guilty/innocent. As a blogger, what does this development mean for you?

On READ SA, we're still talking about the name the book character you admire greatly, and maybe even wished you were him/her when you were young, or wanted to model your life around him. Why did you respect/admire this character so much?


tiah said...

My life was running much better when I was getting up earlier, too. Think part of the problem is the dark. We've passed the shortest day of the year, it will only get easier - yes?

Damaria Senne said...

I hope so!

po said...

You won a book, that is so cool!

Um, I can't believe you actually want to wake up at 3am... superwoman?

Damaria Senne said...

@po - not really superwoman. Just want to get a lot of writing done while it's quiet and I have less interruptions.

Laura said...

Well done on winning - its such a special feeling :)

Things are crazy insane on my side! Waking at 4am is not even an option right now :-p

Shannon said...

Damaria, a bit off topic but you seem quite the lit aficianado, and I want some recommendations. What are your favorite South African books? Whether fiction or nonfiction, genre doesn't matter, but books that you think give a unique glimpse into South African life, culture and issues. (I say this knowing there is no "one" South Africa or South African experience so please offer as many as you think of.) As long as it's not "Cry the Beloved Country" (I love it, but it was required reading in 10th grade and in college so no reason to revisit it), I'm game.

Many thanks. Hopefully they'll be available on Amazon since SA books often don't show up on our shelves (with notable exceptions like Coetzee, Gordimer, etc.)

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