Thursday, August 05, 2010

Hectic Family Morning

I'm exhausted and the day is not even halfway through yet.

Had family come visit overnight, so breakfast was a big "to do" and then we visited and we spent a wonderful time together. But it was still 4 more people to deal with while I also needed to get a lot of work done.

And then we found out that Gideon [see left image], the runt of the litter from my dog Hayley,was not doing very well. He doesn't seem to be getting enough milk from his mother and this morning we thought he was going to die. So I put him in a small basket and put it next to my desk. I'm feeding him baby milk using a syringe for now.

BTW, I was not planning to keep any of the puppies and didn't name them, but seeing that Gideon and I are developing a closer relationship, it seemed appropriate that I name him.

I chose Gideon because in the Bible, he's a strong warrior, and I figured the puppy needed a strong name to live up to.


tiah said...

So cute! I hope he makes it.

po said...

I hope that Gideon pulls through.

Tamara said...

Hope he makes it. Gorgeous little Gideon.

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