Monday, August 02, 2010

Writers Write

For the past couple of weeks I've occassionally whined about needing to do admin work, and my time being pulled away from actually writing. And then Fundi came and she helped organise me and she dealt with a lot of the admin work I didn't have the time to do and even if I had the time, I didn't want to do.

So, this morning I had a very frightening moment, when I went through my schedule and realised that the only thing I need to do this morning was write a couple of pieces that were commissionedand/are due.

It was frightening because now I had no feasible excuse not to write. And yes, once I get started the words will start to flow. But in that moment, I thought "Damn! I have to actually be creative and earn my keep around here!"

Anyhoo, have a great week, and check out some of the discussions I have going on online:

Read SA - How was the Cape Town Book Fair? You can also check out Tiah's blog and the Book Club Blog, where they talk about their experiences.
OneLove - Give "Heartbroken" your view on her affair with a married man. She says she's becoming increasingly angry and bitter because he is top priority to him, and she's just another option.
Shukumisa - We talk about your right and responsibility to report a rape, and how, as a family member or friend,you can help a rape victim feel better.

Have a good week!

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes the words flow, other times each word is a job. It will come.

- tiah :-)

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