Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The First Thing You Do When Your Work Day Begins

What is the first thing that you do when your work day begins? Do you start out by finishing a task you started the day before? Or do you check your emails and respond to them? Do you post your status on Facebook and Twitter? Or do you read the papers to find out the news of the day. Maybe you do the most difficult task in your job, whatever that may be. Or you start out by making phone calls to business associates. Or maybe, your first task of the day varies from day to day.

So, tell me what your morning is like. I'm very curious.

I used to start the day with a long writing session. Never mind the emails and newspapers, I'll catch up with them later, I decided. Lately, not so much. I've mostly been starting my day by clearing out SPAM on the online groups I created and manage for clients. It seems that the bigger an online group gets, the more attractive it is to spammers, who're mostly trying to sell my people some get rich quick scheme or other.

It's annoying and I want my more positive start to the day back.


Judy Croome | @judy_croome said...

I prefer to check my blogger dashboard, then facebook & twitter, then into writing. The advantage is that it kind of eases me away from the real world into the writing world. The disadvantage is, unless I'm very strict with myself, I can waste too much of my precious writing time on social media, rather than on what really counts...the writing.

tiah said...

Get up before kids, (might jog) eat breakfast in front of 'puter to clear out most of the emails / fb stuff that came overnight. Read as much news as I can. Then I face the small people. If my morning does not begin this way I get grumpy.

After school run, work is done in chunks between brain breaks and 'life's tasks' (ie laundry, swim lessons, karate and cooking).

Laura said...

I clean my inbox - its the first and last thing I do every day :)

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