Monday, September 20, 2010

Hosting Free Blogging Workshop

I'm hosting a free blogging workshop as part of my community volunteering in my surburb.The event is on the 25 September at St Giles Association, at the corner of 10th and 11th Streets, Dewetshof.

Y'all welcome to attend, if you live in my area, feel that you still need to learn some things about blogging, or you're planning to start a community or small business blog. Donations from participants, or anyone who wants to support this organisation, should be made directly to St Giles.

Here are the event details on FB.


Judy Croome | @judy_croome said...

Damaria, you're amazing! You're always doing such positive things! :) Hope this workshop gets a great response.

damaria senne said...

thanks Judy

po said...

What a great thing to do! I hope it goes well.

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