Friday, November 26, 2010

The Blog Party Rocked!

The launch of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence blog party went very well yesterday. More contributions from bloggers came in, as you can see by the sheer number of my Day 2: 16 Days Of Activism Against Gender Violence post on the Shukumisa web site. Please take the time to visit the blogs of the various contributors and read their posts.

Many individuals share their life stories and their take on this issue of gender violence, and you will find that what they are talking about is real life, not campaigning and sloganeering. They, more than anything, help to put real people's faces onto this issue and show us why we should care.

If you feel that you still have something to say about gender violence, feel free to send me a link to your post at  Also specify which date you prefer your post to be published/highlighted on the Shukumisa web site.

The wonderful, but completely unexpected outcome from the blog party is that I had two media enquiries. One was from a national newspaper and the other from a regional radio station. So clients are also happy that we did this blog party thing.

I also got a recommendation to do social media for a new client. Many thanks to T for recommending me to her client. I appreciate it muchly.

Anyhoo, here links to some of the today's contributions:

1. Pam Sykes explaning why every person on the planet should care about 16 Days of Activism.

2.  Tiah Beautement talks about futility of safety tips women are given and shares her own experiences

3.  Jennifer Thorpe talks about freedom to choose and argues that those who have this freedom can use it to help others  in her Thought Leader post.

4. Moira Richards talks about the many reasons a woman may be trapped in a violent relationship in her second installment of her posts for the 16 Days Campaign.

5. Lee Cahill explains why talking about rotten eggs is important

A number of Shukumisa partners also sent in their contributions.

1. The African Sex Workers Alliance says every sex worker is a human rights defender

2. WomensNet says abused women need protection

There are several more posts on the Shukumisa web site, introducing you to non-profit organisations which offer you help if you are in a violent relationship, or know someone who is.

And I leave you for a video showing how technology can help us fight against gender violence.

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Judy Croome | @judy_croome said...

So glad it's going well and your good deeds coming back to you! :)

I'm reading the posts with interest and, besides finding myself *really* appreciating the men in my life, I'm also getting some unexpected and profound insights.


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