Monday, November 01, 2010

What Would You Do

If you realised that a friend of yours was self-destructing? Maybe drinking too much ( enough to get alcohol poisoning one of these days) or meeting shady characters in dives you tend to drive a little faster when you go past or using drugs or having unprotected  sex with anything that has a pulse without condoms or staying in an abusive relationship.

You've already tried talking to him/ and giving unsolicited advice and he nodded his head, told you how wise you are and continued with the self-destructive behaviour.

Would you:

1. Initiate an intervention with his family
2. Do nothing ( this person is an adult and interfering always gets messy. And who needs the trouble, when your own life has its own challenges anyway?)
3. Tell your friend's family what he's up to, so they can decide what to do ( or not do) to help
4. Do something else I didn't think of when giving the above choices - Please explain  what that omething else would be


tiah said...

I don't know. Hugs!

Laura said...

The addiction ones are the "easier ones" - I would try and get their loved ones involved and organise some sort of intervention or something - maybe chat to a councellor and assess the way forward! I would do SOMETHING though!

The other one - I have been in a situation where a friend was in an abusive marriage. Eventually I pulled away from her. I just couldnt stand by and watch it any more. She had choices and options and support and help yet she CHOSE to stay (and I do believe she did choose). She eventually leave though but after many of us had stepped away!

I generally tend to voice my opinion, then I asses the impact to my life (selfish I know) and if you are bringing negativity I will step back. As my friend you will know I love you and am always there for you but I will not enable your bad choices or accept negative behaviour!

po said...

I think I would go for three. I hope. I hate that I sometimes choose 2, but this has never happened to a close friend. I would choose three, and if they think is necessary, participate in one.

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