Thursday, December 09, 2010

Meet Efemena Agadama

Playwright and poet Efemena Agadama left this message on my Facebook page, after we connected:

No matter how laudable our words might be
No matter how evergreen our vegetation of words might seem
There are some paths too noble to paint with words
And there are people too amazing to honour with words are one of such paths are one of such people
Thanks for being a literary light

Beautiful, hey? And such an honour to be regarded like that! Sooo..... I thought I’d introduce him to you guys. He’s a regular contributor the Amnesty International blog. He has also written guest posts for a number of pubs including Little London Observationists.

He wants to “meet” other South African writers. So please guys, introduce yourselves if you’re a writer? My impression was that he likes to talk about books, so I think those of you who occasionally talk about books and writing on your own blogs will be happy to introduce to share some online conversations.


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poetic lines, I don't mind using them for a post.

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