Monday, January 10, 2011

New Releases Planned For 2011 So Far

It's now official - the big non-fiction book will be launched on the 9 June 2011.I'm still not sure what I can say or cannot say about the contents of the book, so I'll check with my publisher and maybe tell you more then. I'll also  find out if they will set up a pre-ordering facility and maybe some of y'all can buy a copy or two before the launch?

Heh! No presssure on you there! My publisher sounds like he already has an aggressive marketing plan in place, and my marketing role there is small and I think, optional. I still plan to work hard to promote the book, because I think young people visiting South Africa for the first time will need it. But, it sounds like the publisher plans to do more than just include it in their catalogue.

Children's book in the works too

I'm also planning to publish an illustrated children's book, with the launch date set for Thursday 1 September 2011. Basically, the story is about tree planting, which is why I'm choosing Arbour Month to launch  the book.

I've already written and edited the book, and just need to give it to professional editors to work on it and then assign an illustrator. I don't have the resources to pay an illustrator upfront, so I'll mostly look for someone willing to take royalties against sales.

I expect it's going to be a lot of hard work ( and a steep learning curve) to do this title, because it will be the first book I self-publish through my new company Damaria Senne Media (which I've already registered). But it's not my first published children's book, so I will have some credentials to leverage this on.

I also have some works collecting dust in my laptop, which I'm going to go through and evaluate, with the view of submitting them for publication or self-publishing them as epubs.

Huh! We'll see how that works out.


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Judy Croome | @judy_croome said...

2011 is getting off to a bang! And the non-fiction project sounds exciting. Do get your publisher to set up a pre-order button - I'll try to be your first sale! :)
Judy (South Africa)

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