Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Who Am I, What Am I?

Lucky for you, I'm not asking the existential question. I'm just trying to find a word or two that would best describe who I am in relation to the work I do.
For years I was happy with the single word: writer.
"But you're more than that!You're a business owner," the women on my online business forum said.
"And saying you're a writer doesn't even begin to cover the web content work, the mnedia liaison, the social activism that you do," my friend Richard said.
"Don't you want to known as CEO of your own company?"  Leon asked.
Pfffft! CEO? Me and my laptop? I've privately laughed at people who have impressive titles, but actually run a one or two-man operation. Don't you need to have staff to qualify to be the boss?
So time went by, and eventually I registered a close corporation. And suddenly, the business is no longer just about me and my laptop.
And someone interviewed me this morning ( for an article) and when I was done, my thoughts were, who do we credit this comment to? What do you think of Damaria Senne, MD of Damaria Senne Media? Has a repetative ring to it, doesn't it :-) 


Judy Croome | @judy_croome said...

A single label is so limiting, especially for someone like you Damaria! I like the sound of Damaria Senne, MD of Damaria Senne Media - covers a wide range. Or what about Damaria Senne, MD of DSMedia?

Judy (South Africa)

tiah said...

Much of what you do reminds me of one side of PR. Not that you run a PR biz, but you do have a 'communications' biz that goes beyond the standard writer's mould. (sp?) :-)

po said...

It sounds very poetic! I like.

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