Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Congrats To Judy Croome & Weekend Update

Congratulations to Judy Croome, who has a short story, poem and watercolour published in the anthology: “Notes from Underground,” which  is now available for sale at Amazon.com in both Kindle and print editions. Judy is also running a competition, giving away 4 copies of the book ( either version) for her readers. So hop on to her site if you have a minute.

Had a nice, quiet weekend mostly indoors ( rained way much on Saturday and Sunday ). But I also had some thinking to do, because someone with a great vision made me an offer I have a hard time refusing. It's a great magazine, makes a difference in people's lives, run by a woman who is trully passionate and committed to her cause. But joining her would mean neglecting some of my own work /being very stressed trying to juggle too many responsibilities/even abandoning my dream for hers. So I had to write one of those emails where saying "No" hurts. Made me wonder if people actually hear all your exaplanations after you've said No?

My friend Alison McKay drew me a really nice logo for Storypot while doing one for my business. And I think it really fits in with what Storypot is about. I'll show it to you tomorrow. We're still working on the business logo.

Have lots of writing to do and need to update sites. And a friend of mine is coming over for tea later in the morning.......


Judy Croome | @judy_croome said...

Thanks for the heads-up Damaria! The anthology is well worth the read - it's so interesting to see all the different creative voices taking shape into a wonderfully diverse set of stories.

Looking forward to seeing the new Storypot logo!
Judy (South Africa)

tiah said...

I had to say 'no' to somebody when I realised my time was too limited, and while I still feel a bit bad, I don't regret it. 'No' is an important lesson, but so hard to do, esp when, as writers, each nibble is so tempting!

Look forward to seeing what happens with your site!

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