Friday, March 18, 2011

Sleep Therapy

A good night's sleep got me out of my doldrums. Managed to put a big dent on the big site project that was driving me dilly. Sent prelim report to client and additional brief to designer.

Also caught up on a series of small client projects that were bugging me because they were sitting there waiting while I slogged on with the long-term project. Finished them, emailed documents to client with invoice.

All in all, it was a very good day, even if there was hardly any creative writing involved. Now I no longer hyperventilate when I think about my list of things to do. though I still have a lot to do.

Note to self: Things are not always as bad as you  fear, even if your list of things to do looks like the Joburg White Pages (phone directory).

Had another enquiry from a blog reader.  I'd written in 2009 that a marketing company called to tell me that I'd won a trip to Jamaica and I was going to attend the presentation. I'd forgotten to post a follow-up, and he wanted some feedback because he'd received a similar invitation( different prize). I was glad to share my experience, so the guy doesn't have to waste his time attending the event. Felt nice too, that he saw Storypot as a credible source of opinion. Something else to perk up my spirits?

So how was your day? Good plans for the upcoming long weekend?

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