Friday, March 16, 2012

Revving Up My Social Media Marketing

I hope you like the new look and feel of the blog. I hadn't intended to change the scheme, but I lost the template for the last design while I was experimenting with blogger - something that I usually do so when I actually upgrade my designs I know what I'm doing. So, I decided to go with a predominantly blank canvass, with book covers and hopefully, photographs, bringing in the colour.

The upgrade was timely though, because I've recently revved up our social media marketing with the help of Gaynor Paynter of Talking Point Media Consulting and it will be nice for our visitors to find us on a fresh, updated site.

Gaynor's role is to promote my books online. Basically, she will maintain the Damaria Senne Media Facebook page, integrate it with my twitter, Google+ and other social media platforms,make sure that they are all updated regularly, arrange guest-blogging gigs for me and place free articles in article directories and place free adverts for the books in various online marketing directories. Gaynor will also help me get the books reviewed.

Outsourcing this task will cost me a bit of money, but I'm very comfortable with the decision, as it frees me up to spend more time writing, publishing and doing client work while having the assurance that the marketing and promotion work is getting done.

BTW, don't forget to take part in this week's competition to vote for your preferred Waking Up Grandma book cover. 

1st Prize =  $5 Amazon gift voucher + two of my ebooks of your choice
2nd Prize =  Two of my ebooks of your choice
3rd prize= A Kindle copy of Waking Up Grandma

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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Kevin Beamer said...

Because grandma's pose is a bit dull, I suggest you use bright colors on the background. Also, natural lighting would be much preferable. Having a contest or competition like this for your readers can eventually increase your popularity in the long run, Damaria. Anyway, do you have the final draft for the cover?

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