Friday, January 27, 2006

My number 1 fan

On Monday I made a commitment to post more regularly. Unfortunately, things have been so hectic in my work environment and at home that I didn’t much beyond posting the story for the week. I will try to do better, but I suspect that for now I will be posting irregularly. Definitely not once a week; maybe three or four times?

The most rewarding thing retelling uCilo’s story was when I narrated it for my daughter. She loved it. Completely, absolutely loved the story. She asked questions, laughed at the right moments, worried when she should be and embellished on what she would do if the events were happening to her.
“Imagine hiding under someone else’s armpit,” she mused when we were done.

She enjoyed the story so much she suggested I write more stories. On Wednesday, she was very disappointed when I told her I didn’t have a new story to tell.
“Tell me about uCilo then,’ she said.

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