Monday, April 03, 2006

Bedtime stories for the busy parent

My daughter complains that I have not been reading / telling her bedtime stories in the past couple of weeks.

She’s right. I’ve been so absorbed with work that I’d arrive at home exhausted, ready to get dinner ready and cabbage out in front of the TV set until bedtime. A very unhealthy way to live and totally against the way I want to raise my child. But earning bread has been especially harrowing the past couple of weeks. After work each day, I just wanted to tune my brain off and relax.

You know what would be nice for times like these? A large collection of children’s stories which have a maximum of 400 words in length. The book would have 100 stories or so in total.

Knowing my daughter I would be likely to repeat stories that she liked even before she moves onto the next story. So it would be a long time before I ran out of bedtime stories. It woudl certainly be good value for money for a parent who wants to spend time telling his/her child stories but doesn't have the resources to purchase book after book each month.

Illustrations would be basic, not elaborate as in books intended for the child to read independently. However, the short length and basic language means that a basic-level reader could also attempt to read on her own if she wanted to.

AThe content would include folktakes, fairytales and contemporary stories all compiled together, giving a nice variety.

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