Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The creative juices are back

The creative juices came back late last night. I was checking baby's school bag when I came across her birthday party plan. The day is a long way off ( end of May) but she's a planner, so she already has an invitation list, venue and party pack contents decided. She has started writing up the invitation cards, which she will deliver to her friends by Mid April.

As I looked through her party plan I thought, what if a mother found something more damaging in her child's school bag? What if she found large sums of money? Or a note saying something like “I want to kill myself” or "I hate my parents"?

A story idea started to germinate. Eventually I decided to create a little mystery which starts with a note that says, ” I hate you. I hate you now. I will hate you until I die.’

The note is in the child's handwriting. But who is she talking about? Who/what would inspire such strong feelings in a 9-year old girl?

I’ve finished a very rough draft, but there’s still a lot of fleshing out to do. Then it's on to rewriting and editing and polishing.

I think it could be an interesting chapter book for tweens and I’m very excited about it. Also grateful that my muse did not desert me for long. But as usual time is my enemy.

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