Tuesday, July 04, 2006

First reader

Baby was looking for something to read, so I suggested that she read an in-progress novel that I’ve worked on and off on for the past five years.

It’s a fantasy novel about two girls who go swimming in the river, and something pulls them to the world underneath, where the ancestors live.

Anyway, they find out that they’d been brought there for a purpose – there is a problem only they can solve.

The story is a bit predictable in its adherence to quest-type lore, but it could be interesting handled in the right manner. Or so I thought.

However, Baby didn’t go beyond the prologue. Didn’t find the beginning gripping at all, and started rummaging through my collection of incomplete works looking for something else to read.

Her rejection of the story stung a bit, because I do think it has potential. But clearly, I still have a lot of work to do to make it interesting for my readers.
Maybe I should cut out the prologue and just jump into the action in chapter 1?

She did find another story – 10 days to make rain- which she found very fascinating.

She has asked that I please, please finish the story because she wants to know what happens next.

It’s official – I have a live-in first reader in my house.

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