Monday, September 11, 2006

Literary influences - Phokeng, my home

I used to fantasise that there was a whole world in the river Legadigadi, which ran past our house. There were frogs that went to school, a river snake that [contrary to what our parents told us} wanted to be friends, and princes and princesses.

The river was at the base of a small hill, where ghosts and strange and extraordinary creatures live. We believed that there was a whoe community which lived in the small forest surrounding Tshufi Hill, and that the people were magical beings who showed up only at midday.

Is it any wonder that I grew up with such a vivid imagination? Anyway, the Bafokeng are also a pragmatic, business-minded people who take their financial sustainability very seriously. Here are some facts about Phokeng:

Population: 300 000 (160 000 living in the area)
Area: 1 400 km² land owned by RBN
Largest town: Phokeng (150km from Johannesburg)
Geography: Rolling bushveld plains broken by small hills
Climate: Temperate with hot summers and cool winters
Natural resources: Platinum and associated minerals
Industries: Mining, engineering and tourism
Exports: Base and precious metals

Read more about the village and people here

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