Thursday, January 11, 2007

Out of beta and Christmas news

I hope the blog is now working properlywithout the occassional glitches I've had. I switched to the real blogger software and hopefully the real McCoy will run smoothly.

I was about to give up on it.

Christmas news

Baby got more than her fair share of Christmas presents - about 19 items which ran the gamut from a boom box, CDs ( incl. Bob Markey and Celine Dion), a Bratz doll, a crystal making kit (the chemicals and beakers etc), board games and cards, clothes and shoes and bead-making sets.

She spent Christmas day with her paternal relatives, and they really went out of their way to make the day special for her. They are American and cooked a "traditional" American Christmas meal, had a present opening session that lasted more than two hours! The only thing that was missing was snow, as we are in Africa.

Baby enjoyed the whole thing, but was a little puzzled when she later told me about it.

"I got lots of presents - more than I hoped for - but why didn't Santa respond to my letter and bring me the presents I asked for?"
" You got some of them," I said. " The board game, Bratz doll...."
" Yes, but all that stuff was from you and the family, not Santa. He just brought some things, nice things, but not what I asked for. Didnt he get my letter?"

One of these days the penny will drop.

As for me, I had 3 Christmases - one with close friends in Joburg, the second with family in Phokeng and the third, which was the real Christmas day, with a pile of relatives in Phokeng. It was great fun.

Happy new year and all that junk:-)

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