Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Celebrity guest

"That's Myesha Jenkins," Baby said while we watched TV. "Myesha Jenkins is on TV!"

Baby and I met Myesha Jenskins, a well-known poet,last year when Myesha and I performed at the Soweto Children's Arts Festival.

She's American, but has been living in South Africa for a number of years.

After our scheduled reading sessions, Myesha and I ended up sitting outside on the lawns, chatting about this and that as we watched the kids attending the festival play. Turned out we had mutual acquintances, especially in the non-profit sector, so we exchanged cards.

I also introduced Baby to her and some of the writers/performers present, but I thought the day was just a blur and people's faces and names didn't register permanently on Baby. Clearly, she saw and retained more than I gave her credit for.

I think the most suprising thing for her is that someone who she thought of as ordinary turned up on TV as a celebrity guest.
"Do we know other famous people?" she asked.
"Well, to start with, we don't know Myesha. We met her. Once."
"Okay, okay. But did I meet other people who are famous and I didn't know it?"

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Anonymous said...


My name is Elouise Burrell and I am an artist from California. I used
to know Myesha Jenkins here in Oakland, California through her friend
Dumile Vokwana who is from Capetown and lived in California for many

I will be coming to Capetown and Johannesberg on March 20 and would
like to reunite with Myesha.

Can you please forward this email to her for me. I would love to
communicate with her before I arrive so that she can schedule time to
visit with me.

Thanks you in advance.

Elouise Burrell - elodum@igc.org

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