Monday, February 05, 2007

Fruit no longer forbidden

I should have let Baby read the blog entries a long time ago. She only wanted to read them because they were mysterious to her, but today I gave her the chance to read it, and she got bored very quickly.

As she grows older, I expect she will want to read more of what I say about her, and I told her I don’t mind if she reads my blog anytime she likes.

Turning pages of online books

One of the challenges of posting my stories online is that so far, they have just been text. The stories are good to read to a child (I hope!), but the problem is that a child who can read alone is stuck with text. There are no illustrations to add rich texture to the story.

Publishing on web pages and blogs, and the structure PDF versions of children’s books that I have seen also do not capture my imagination. They seem even more static than hard copy children’s books, which the child can touch and which offers interesting options in paper.

One can also fold the paper in a variety of shapes to make the story even more interesting. Not so with a computer screen.

In future, if I do publish a children’s book as an ebook, I’m going to use [adult] fantasy author Kelley Armstrong’s set-up on her online comic “Becoming.”

There is a portion at the bottom-right corner of the book, which you can click on to simulate the real-world of turning a page.

Read “Becoming” here to see what I mean.

P.S. Kelley is one of my favourite fanstasy authors. If you want to check her out her work before spending money on her books, read her online collection of short stories that she published every month in 2005 and the novella she published in installments last year.

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