Monday, February 19, 2007

SCBWI Gauteng hosts two events

The newsletter from SCBW Gauteng came as promised and I'm looking forward to the first two events they have planned.

Joan Rankin, an award-winning South African illustrator, will talk about “The Joy of Illustration” on the 3rd March from 09:30 - 13:30.

The event also provides an oportunity for the introduction of Gauteng’s new SCBWI assistant advisor and her plans for 2007. Ideas from participants will be welcomed, the announcement says.

The cost for SCBWI members is R20 per person (includes tea & coffee) and non-members is R40 per person.

Meet the editors

The second planned event, whereby writers will meet book editors based in Gauteng, will be even more useful for aspirant writers, including me.

"Children’s book editors from publishers based in Gauteng intro­duce themselves and shortly explain how their submission pro­cedure works," the announcement says.

The editors will discuss what they’re looking for, common mistakes made by illustrators and writers submitting their work and briefly describe the type of books they publish, it says.

This meeting is scheduled for the 8th May, and unless I'm on death's door, I'm not missing it. It's exactly what I need to improve my writing and find a publisher.

RSVP for both events to Jenny via e-mail -

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