Thursday, March 01, 2007

Camille Lagarrigue captures my kid’s imagination

Baby was very impressed with Camille Lagarrigue, author of the book “Miss Behave and the Secret Agents” and couldn’t stop talking about her for the past couple of days.

“She has a tattoo on her foot and drives a motor bike.”

It sounds like Camille’s writerly image, including her clothes – jeans, top etc – was also hip and trendy. Young girls who want to be fashionable and trendy could easily relate to her.

It’s a very different image of a children’s author than what I have come across so far but I like it. Anything that makes books and writers interesting; anything that makes kids enjoy books and not think the love of books is for dorks has my vote.

The book

“But what about the book? “ I asked Baby. “Did you like it?”

I’m happy to report that Baby likes the book. She liked the story, she liked the illustrations [why aren’t you an illustrator like Camille?], and she especially liked the cut out wardrobe that Camille designed for Miss Behave in the book.

For the past couple of days, Baby has been playing with the cut-out image of the fictional Miss Behave, dressing it in a variety of clothing from the book.

And we’re not cat people, despite the cat population that continues to let us live in this house, but Baby spent a lot of time looking at pictures of Bart and Blade, Miss Behave’s cats.

“Did you know the Bart and Blade in the story were inspired by real cats by the same name?”

The second Miss Behave book is apparently in the works and is due out later this year, says Baby. Read more about the characters and order your copy of ‘Miss Behave and the Secret Agents” on the Web Site.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Damaria
Have just stumbled across your article (better late than never!). Thanks so much for the positive and inspiring words. It's also great to hear that your daughter is still enjoying the doll and clothes.

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