Saturday, March 10, 2007

Girls' night

One of Baby’s close friends is a Junior at Jeppe High School for Girls, so were attended the school concert today from 4 pm until around 9 pm.

At first I thought it was going to be a dud, what with the bad acoustics (because it was held outside in the school garden), the chattering teenagers and parents, who seemed to have something better to do than listening to/watching the performers.

But as the sun set, the crowd grew quieter. The drummers were good, and there were a couple of girls who are so talented I wouldn't be surprised if they grew to become professional musicians.

Then there was the highly talented male fire dancer, probably from Jeppe High School for Boys [ it was a mixed choir] who moved rather impressively to the music. It was nice to relax with a couple of friends in the cool evening air under the stars, while the choir sang and the kids ran about playing and dancing.

After the concert, two of the girls spent the night at my house. It took a while to settle everyone, especially as the girls were overexcited.

They sang along with Baby’s CDs, had a pillow fight, ate a light snack and chattered until they by one.....

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