Saturday, March 03, 2007

No clowns allowed

Baby usually attends a church youth group on Friday evenings from 18h00 – 19h00. In her words, they sing God-songs [hymns], play, learn about Baby Jesus and play.

This Friday they had an extra special session, with youth groups from the various churches meeting. There was lots of food and drink and more God-songs than usual.

Too bad about the clown show! Baby complete despises clowns and never liked them; even when she was really young.

(This conversation took place a couple of years ago)

ME: Do you want some kind of show for your birthday?
BABY: I don’t want a clown.
ME: Okay, we won’t get a clown. I don’t even think we can get one to come to Phokeng. So what do you want?
BABY: I hate clowns. They are not fun. Don’t bring a clown to my birthday party cos I won’t change my mind. Don’t try to surprise me, thinking I’ll change my mind if I just saw a clown perform because I won’t change my mind. I’ll just be unhappy because you ruined my party bringing a clown. So don’t hire a clown for my party.
ME: Ooooookay! Now that I know how strongly you feel about clowns, could you please tell me what kind of entertainment you’d like to have?

Eventually, we decided the kids would just play ( free play, not structured) and they had a wonderful time.

I still don’t know why she doesn’t like clowns. I don’t remember her having a bad experience ( watching a really bad clown show.)

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