Monday, March 26, 2007

Trivia about kangaroos

Baby and I played “Win a million” on the computer after school/work.

The game has five levels of competence, and is based on a multiple choice Q and A format where the player is asked a question and allocated 10 000/25 000/50 000 (depending on level) points for getting it right.

The idea is that you get one million points if you get all the answers right, with extra 5 points allocated if you don't get any answers wrong. So far, my highest score is 135 and Baby's is 105. ( she uses info she learns from lost games to get answers right on next try.)

Categories include World History, Geography, Americana, Crossword puzzles, Literature etc. All very Americentric, of course, (think Hemingway and a pile of ridiculous nursery rhymes like some cow flying over the moon)but it’s fun enough to play, and Baby’s determined to win get to level 5.

Anyway, the most interesting thing we learnt this weekend was that a kangaroo is only about 2 inches in size at birth. Somehow, you when you look at this

It’s very difficult to imagine that it looked like what's below when it was born.

The game also got me thinking - are there people out there, developing computer games that have African settings / based on African content/relevant for African players and readers?

I think there is a huge need for those kind of games - they can be educational as well as fun, and technology is becoming such an integral part of our lives that we should increase our capacity to play.

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